Revised May 12, 2017

If you review the cover letter, agenda and minutes from PCS Board meeting 11-21-11 they will reveal that one of the chief instigators Peggy Clark ran for the position of PCS president and was defeated. They will also reveal that PCS's Bylaws were approved and adopted unanimously. All PCS department managers and all PCS board members received a copy of the Bylaws at the meeting's, the record will reveal that every program manager and PCS board member received a cover letter, agenda and minutes in advance of PCS board meetings for  2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, see link to these documents.

2-13-12 executive board minutes This meeting was supposed to be a follow up on shared upkeep on PCS with the 5 different programs. Bardon Maginnis approached Citizens Bank without board approval and wanted to close all 5 programs bank accounts. Bardon and Peggy were opposed to any "Shared Cost and Maintenance of PCS" and this issue once again had to be tabled.

March, Lupe Maginnis resigned as VP due to health issues, Bardon Maginnis was granted a leave of absence to care for his wife. April, May and June produced lots of internal problems mainly concerning the Gleaner program, and Peggy Clark seemed to be involved in a lot of those issues. The board felt that trouble was being stirred up over a donation of a van from the Canyon Gleaners being told that PCS took the van away from them and wouldn't let them use it. The board spent $2000 repairing and insuring the van and after 5 more months of bickering over the van donation the board gave it to the Gleaner program at no charge.  Canyon Gleaners van 7-19-12

6-20-12 Susan James email "before it really get's heated" "It seems that there is hard feelings and misunderstandings that need to be addressed before it really gets heated".

6-22-12 Jeff Lamb letter  "The purpose of yesterday's meeting was to resolve all outstanding Gleaner issues concerning Pat, Don and Dean. Please do not rehash old disputes and remember that we are all trying to do our best to help people in need".

Betty Hooper's 7-10-12 email to Chris Shonnard, resignation from Philomath Community Garden "I'm finally and happily done, too much bullshit to deal with and no support"

7-12-12 Peggy Clark/Gleaner ultimatum Executive meeting agenda & minutes "Peggy Clark felt that there was such a history of trouble in the gleaner program that maybe it was time they find a new home"

7-16-12 executive meeting minutes The entire meeting was devoted to Gleaner ultimatums, Don Harris's resignation and Susan James's letter on behalf of LBFS. 32 letters in support of the Gleaner program were submitted. Peggy Clark who stated at the 7-12-12 meeting that the Gleaners needed to find a new home wanted the discussion tabled for the 8-20-12 meeting. Susan James letter writing campaign had already changed some people's minds and Jeff felt that a month's delay in dropping this issue would be a big mistake. The vote was 7 to 1, Jeff voting no, to table the issue until 8-20-12.

NOTE: Not known at the time: It would appear Sharon Thornberry, Peggy Clark and Sara Power had conspired with city officials both past and present to remove Jeff Lamb and the PCS board many months before internal PCS issues became public and political. This information was obtained by a lawyer through "Oregon Open Record's Statutes". It would be over a year before the conspiracy would be exposed with email's 7-24-12 between Sharon Thornberry OFB & City officials stressing that the conversation should stay confidential. NOTE: With Sharon Thornberry making public executive board discussions at the 8-13-12 city council meeting, that would be the vehicle to remove Jeff Lamb and the PCS board from office. The PCS board had informed 8-1-12 LBFS that the Gleaners were going nowhere.

8-1-12 Don Gist's email to Susan James "Thanks for meeting with me, Don Gist, on the gleaning issue. Our organization (PCS) is reviewing the status of this program and others we serve and host, and will be establishing written guidelines and criteria for sharing the use, cost and maintenance of the facility provided by PCS, among the five different programs under our non-profit status". "PCS is looking forward to these and other changes. Our discussions will continue as these programs go forward". PS: We agree that Pat and Dean should be reinstated to the gleaning organization. A hastily made decision was not the best decision, and this will remedy that actions".

8-13-12 Sharon Thornberry OFB City Council Meeting Minutes state, she requested that the council consider withholding funding ($5000) until the city received assurances that the gleaner program would stay at PCS. When asked what was the source of the issues by Councilor Budddingh Miss Thornberry stated "it seemed to be a personnel or personality conflict".

8-16-12 Executive agenda & minutes  "The executive board re-visited the department programs and cost sharing issue that had been ongoing for over a year. A draft plan was unanimously passed to forward to the full board at their 8-20-12 meeting for action". Jeff also stated that he felt that the changes in Senator Wyden's visit and time line was connected to Sharon Thornberry's letter to the Philomath City Council.

8-20-12 Executive agenda & minutes Peggy did not recall that Ken was asked to draft an email to Susan James 8-16-12 that the gleaner issue would be forwarded to the full PCS board for discussion at their 8-20-12 meeting, (NOTE: 8-16-12 minutes reflect her voting for exactly that). Peggy wanted to know who made the decision that Pat and dean be reinstated to the gleaner program. Peggy didn't want Jeff reading the various emails and said she knew how to read. Jeff replied "that he was going to read the various emails into the record so there would be no misunderstanding as to how this whole gleaner issue has gotten totally out of control". Jeff asked Peggy how Sharon Thornberry was getting his emails, Peggy said she assumed it was Susan. Jeff said, "no not when it says board members only".

9-3-12 Peggy Clark & Betty Hooper accusations of missing money  

9-4-12 Ken StPierre's reply to Betty on Peggy's allegations

9-4-12 Debbie Thorpe's reply to Betty Hooper on Peggy's allegations

9-7-12 Peggy Clark's apology for her allegations of missing money "Please know that this was my error".

9-17-12  Executive Agenda & Minutes  The meeting started out with Sara Power refusing to leave, Don Gist reminded Sara that this executive session was for board members only, Sara got into an argument with Debbie Thorpe and once again was asked to leave. Sara delivered to the board a petition of "no confidence" signed by several volunteers and then left. Citizens bank had contacted Jeff and informed him that Betty Hooper could not be PCS's treasurer, that her named was flagged with some kind of legal issue that she could not handle money for PCS or anybody else. Peggy accused Jeff of bringing a gun to the site and Jeff denied that and asked anybody if they'd ever seen him with a gun.  Peggy then threatened the PCS board "if you remove me from the board I'm going to the secretary of state and file a complaint against all of you".

She then submitted a letter Peggy Clark's "gun accusation" against Jeff Lamb dated 9-17-2012. Peggy Clark's 9-17-12 letter to the PCS board lists several accusations, "yelling and vulgar language", "the president brought guns to board meetings", "that the president was the only one that could approve the board meeting minutes", "she asked the PCS board to remove Jeff Lamb as president" and the most astonishing accusation was that "the State Farm money market account still had problems". All of the accusations were False.

NOTE: NOT KNOWN AT THE TIME: Public records obtained later would reveal that Jeff Lamb and the PCS board would be removed for troubles with the Gleaner program, as revealed in Sharon Thornberry's 7-24-12 email to city officials. By the time Sharon Thornberry spoke at the city council meeting on 8-13-12 the PCS board had received 54 letters of support and told there were more to come. Removing the Gleaners from PCS was a dead issue as Don Gist's 8-1-12 email reflects. The public records obtained later also showed a decision had been made by city officials, both elected and staff, Sharon Thornberry OFB and some PCS volunteers to remove Jeff Lamb and the PCS board by whatever means necessary. As read into the City of Philomath's record 2-9-15 "The process developed by Philomath elected officials and staff in conjunction with an Oregon Food Bank employee and a few others to replace the President and the board of PCS has divided our community and needs to be addressed". To read the full letter go to this link.

9-18-12 Sharon Thornberry's "Category Red" email to City Officials & LBFS Management. "Jeff told the gleaning coordinator that she is forbidden from attending any future City Council meetings" "I have advised Sara, Peggy & others that the potential remedy for this is a Justice Dept. complaint, which they are working on". "PCS volunteers need the support of as many community members and organizations as possible to encourage the DOJ to look into this".

9-21-12 Sara's email informing everybody: "We decided to take this route at the urging of Randy Kugler, the city manager of Philomath, and Sharon Thornberry, a Philomath citizen who works for Oregon Food Bank".

9-22-12 Sharon Thornberry's email to Randy Kugler "documents to be delivered to the G-T on Monday" "Hi Folks, I would like you to remove point #5 entirely. It is also not wise to involve the Senator (Wyden) and his staff in all of this". "For a variety of reasons I need to do it as quietly as possible".

9-24-12 Linda Modrell County Commissioner offer of help was never shared with the PCS board. 

9-24-12 Sara Power to city manager Randy Kugler that the managers had a meeting yesterday 9-23-12 and decided that they would give Jeff and his cronies one more chance to resign before going to the press. The city manager's reply was not to give Jeff and the PCS board another chance. "Randy was concerned that Bennett may be less likely to get candid and accurate comments from unsuspecting board members as they will get together and rehearse their responses". He also stated "I am concerned for each of your safety in putting yourselves in a meeting with this group to present this ultimatum". The city manager talked them out of giving the board another chance. Sara's reply "Could we have a police officer at the meeting we call? I know that Jeff is unpredictable, and the gun thing does scare me".

9-26-12 Sara Power emails to Randy Kugler "Bennett called and we meet with him tomorrow  AM at 9:30. His article will be great PR for the community/board meeting. If none of the voting board members show up, we'll just celebrate what wonderful programs we have and circulate a petition from the Philomath residents asking for their resignation".

9-26-12 Randy Kugler's email to entire city administration. "I am forwarding this to you. Bennett Hall at the G-T has the information and is considering how to use it with his editor". Three board members have been dismissed I understand that Jeff had three replacements ready". "Gerri Ross was to be the new Treasurer but I hear that she may now have second thoughts as the books have not been audited for several years and she may not want her name associated with that mess".

9-27-12 PCS Board Special Meeting Agenda & Minutes Called on behalf of all program managers.

9-28-12 Ruth Post emails mayor and council & PCS board members removed by Jeff Lamb.

9-28-12 letter to program managers Confirming their request for a special meeting 10-4-12 at PCS.

9-28-12 PCS letter of support for President Jeff Lamb

PPD 9-28-12 Grant Moser "States per a conversation with Randy, PPD will give coverage to the City Hall meeting 10-4-12. This is because of the reasons we have already discussed" These were totally unnecessary actions taken by the city that were in some opinion, that was deliberately injecting a sense of danger or harm that would be inflicted on the program managers or others. J.R.L.

10-1-12 Bennett Hall @ Gazette-Times called and informed Jeff that he had a mutiny at PCS and requested an interview. Jeff asked Bennett if the Gazette-Times had already made a decision to run a story and how they would present it to the public. Bennett's reply was the paper was going to do the story and indicated by his questions that he had already interviewed other people. Bennett would not say when that story would run but Jeff suspected that the Gazette-Times would run it on the day the program managers would meet at city hall. These are some of the talking points given to Bennett Hall and Randy Kugler from Sharon Thornberry. 9-22-12 by Sharon Thornberry to be used with the G-T discussing Senator Wyden, LBFS at the 10-4-12 meeting. NOTE: The false allegations had brought about and confirmed the board's worst fears.

10-1-12 conformation to Marti Barlow 10-4-12 meeting at City Hall

10-1-12 Sara Power's email informs everyone that the special meeting for PCS has been changed and will be held at the council chambers of the city of Philomath 10-4-12 at 6:00 pm. NOTE: Without PCS board approval, Sara Power changed PCS's legal confidential disclaimer encouraging anybody that wanted too, to share PCS  confidential privileged information. J.R.L.

10-2-12 Jeff's email to Marti's husband attorney John Barlow "they cannot transact any PCS business nor can they bind PCS to any course of action. I do not think any PCS director should attend that meeting". Rollie Bowers didn't get Sara's change of venue email and Jeff asked him for his comments.

10-2-12 Mayor Schaudt email crisis at PCS "I understand the Gazette-Times story regarding the current crisis at Philomath Community Services will be published in Thursday's newspaper. The article speaks quite negatively about the many problems at PCS, about the financial irregularities, and about the dysfunctional board".  "Until then, understand that Philomath (as a whole) will be put in a negative light--- be prepared to tell your constituents that we will do whatever we can, as a Council, to assist in resolving problems at PCS". NOTE: It would appear at this point Philomath City officials were inflaming the situation at PCS by including police presence and advising the managers to go public with the newspapers and the DOJ to help remove Jeff Lamb and the board as mentioned in Sharon Thornberry's 7-24-12 email to Police Chief Ken Elwer and City Officials. The PCS board found out later the mayor and city manager's emails were forwarded and disseminated to "COUNTLESS CONSTITUATES, COMMUNITY SERVICE GROUPS AND LEADERS". J.R.L.

10-4-12 special board meeting at PCS as requested by the program managers NOTE: They did not attend.

10-4-12 Don Gist's email to program managers to do no harm to PCS at the city hall meeting

10-4-12 "Conflict flares at local charity" Bennet Hall - Gazette-Times Randy stressed that he didn't want the Gazette-Times to know he was involved per his email correspondence with Sara. The signup sheet that was passed around hid the petition language at the top of the clipboard leading people to believe they were signing an attendance sheet when actually it was a petition to have the PCS board removed. The conspirators were ready to hijack the public meeting with their agenda. J.R.L.

10-5-12 "Group asks PCS board to resign" Bennett Hall - Gazette-Times As mentioned above, the lead in of the story is that 41 people signed a petition asking the PCS board to resign, but they thought it was a signup sheet and PCS received several letters stating that, here's but 2 samples of the many received.

NOTE: Not known at the time: City Council President Rocky Sloan who was running for mayor unopposed, stated at the 10-4-12 city hall meeting "that he would be the mayor's liaison to PCS until the end of January". He further stated in January that he and the city council will name a city council member to be the mayor's liaison.

NOTE: The public accusations to the Gazette-Times and those who attended the 10-4-12 meeting at city hall that program manger's and staff were denied copies of PCS Bylaws and minutes is False. To read the allegations against the board go to the next 2 links.  #1 PCS City Hall Meeting on Oct. 4, 2012 - PDF Format #2 PCS City Hall Meeting on Oct. 4, 2012 - PDF Format Another alleged Bylaws' violation was that the president made decisions without board input. NOTE: If you go to this link PCS Agenda's & Minutes 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 all actions were discussed and taken with full PCS board approval. Those allegations were False. It's been repeated many times that the managers were forbidden from sharing board members contact information. That statement is False. PCS contact information has been on their website for years. Another alleged Bylaw violation was board members term limited out and served on the board illegally. If you read the Bylaws, there are no term limits. PCS Bylaws approved 11-21-2011 This Bylaws' violation allegation is also FALSE. The meeting minutes also suggests that the Rotary Club and Mayor could appoint members to the PCS board. That is also False. The community's service clubs and city council can nominate a candidate to the PCS board but only the PCS board can appoint them by a majority vote. 10-4-12 "Conflict flares at local charity" Bennett Hall - Gazette-Times. This story mentions that 2 board members were asked to resign for not being "team players". Both of these board members had publicly and irresponsibly shared privileged executive board meeting discussions and minutes concerning allegations of missing funds and cooking PCS's financial books. Betty Hooper resigned and Peggy Clark was unanimously removed from the board after threatening to file a DOJ complaint if she was removed from the board. 7-10-12 executive meeting minutes-financial allegations

PCS meeting request 10-8-12 & Randy Kugler's reply "no meeting". The PCS board had no idea what the city was planning at the 10-4-12 city hall meeting and the Gazette-Times lead in story. There was no way the PCS board was going to have access to the city council 4 days after this bomb shell was dropped on our community.  J.R.L.

NOTE: As previously mentioned, it's important for those reading this narrative to know that the board hired Cheryl Good and Associates in a good faith effort. What was not known at the time was other's interests and agenda's to gain complete control of PCS property and its assets.

The Board felt that the workshop held 1-21-12 with Cheryl Good & Associates consulting and mediation services had produced good results and a solid plan for PCS to move forward in the future with its mission and purpose. The board voted and authorized via phone conversations unanimously for the president to seek her services again. Jeff signed the contract for their services on 10-11-12 and it didn't take long for Sara Power to contact Bennett Hall at the Gazette-Times which ran another front page story 10-13-12. Sara is quoted in the story "we're not real hopeful that the mediation process is going to get the results we think are needed". Sara sent out an email 2 days later to Marti and everybody at PCS on 10-15-12 promoting the number of signatures on the fraudulent petition that was passed around as a signup sheet. To make matter worse, Marti sent an email out appointing Sara as the program manager's spokesperson. This caught the executive board off guard, see email to Cheryl Good 10-14-12.  Because the wheels were coming off PCS the board took action ASAP scheduling a meeting. Marti & Cheryl 10-15-12 emails pointing out manager issues and putting them into context for the board meeting scheduled that evening at 5:00 P.M. agenda for 10-15-12. These are the minutes of the 10-15-12 meeting. The board went into executive session at 6:42 P.M. Executive meeting minutes 10-15-12 During the executive meeting the board discussed the I.R.S. letter threatening to take away our 501-C-3 status unless the necessary paperwork was filed by 11-15-12. This was due to ongoing problems with Bardon Maginnis not taking care of business, the board asked Don Gist to contact Bardon 10-20-12. Bardon had publicly stated on several occasions including 10-4-12 city hall meeting that he couldn't file the taxes because he didn't have a copy of the bylaws. The PCS minutes of 11-21-11 shows that statement to be false. Also, the bylaws were posted on PCS's website and available to all. When Don contacted Steve Moore Philomath Tax & Accounting where Bardon worked, about PCS's troubles with the I.R.S. and our 501-C-3 this was Mr. Moore’s reply 10-19-12. Marti Barlow also stated that "Michele did not think that our organization need an audit"

At the request of the program managers and recommendation of Cheryl Good & Associates a special board meeting was scheduled for 10-29-12. In an effort to remind everybody how far & how many facility improvements had been made, Jeff sent out a 10-24-12 email not only about PCS's accomplishments, but laying out some of the upcoming events and business for the board to consider. There was extensive input and interaction with the program managers all making suggestions and airing their grievances with Cheryl and her team members, at times combative and accusing Cheryl of talking down to them, especially Leota Hutsell program manager for the gleaners, she was very rude and disruptive. Marti was asked by the program managers if they could also sign their names to the fundraising letter, Cheryl Good and the PCS board thought that was a good idea to show the public that we were working together on the fundraising letter signatures 10-26-12 . Bardon Maginnis's 10-17-12 letter to Don Gist stating why the I.R.S. issue hadn't been addressed and taken care of, led to the boards decision to sever all ties with Bardon Maginnis and Steve Moore Accounting at the special meeting cover letter 10-29-12, the agenda 10-29-12, and the PCS special board meeting minutes 10-29-12. Other key issues that were discussed was Geri Ross's appointment as our new treasurer that Jeff had been working on for the past 9 months. Don asked "if someone here would reach out to Geri Ross and convince her to come back on as or treasurer, as they convinced her to leave". Also, the animosity shared by Sara Power over the PCS open house planned for 12-2-12 was very rude to say the least, Read the PCS special board meeting minutes 10-29-12  A new PCS board member application was presented to all in draft form. The Gleaner van donation from Canyon Gleaners was still stirring up trouble despite Jeff's earlier attempts both with phone calls and emails didn't seem to resolve the rumors and accusations being stirred up on PCS's end. The board instructed Jeff to put it in writing. Canyon Gleaner van letter 11-2-12 PCS gave the van and repairs to the gleaners. 

NOTE: This was the 3rd time in 6 years the I.R.S. had noyified PCS that they would lose their 501-C-3 status if it didn't start following filing deadlines. (Bardon was involved every time). The PCS board felt that it was imperative to not only sever our ties with Bardon Maginnis & Steve Moore Accounting but to also at Marti's request use her friend Michele Kellison as PCS's new CPA for tax purposes and get the 2011 taxes filed by the I.R.S. deadline of 11-15-12 or lose our 501-C-3 status. Michele Kellison 11-14-12 tax returns & cover letter. Kellison invoice #2426 for services.

Just when the board thought things were turning around we received a letter from the D.O.J. 11-2-12 investigation, a complaint had been filed against PCS and its President Jeff Lamb. Two of the issues regarding the investigation concerned misuse of PCS Funds and account balances showing missing funds.  The letter also states recent Gazette-Times news articles had raised similar concerns. NOTE: Cheryl Good had assured the PCS board after interviewing several of the managers that they would not file a complaint with the state of Oregon because she was going to help resolve the issue through mediation. Of course this had been part of the plan spelled out in Sharon Thornberry's 9-18-12 Category Red email to City Officials & LBFS Management.

The board had scheduled the next meeting 11-19-12 for election of officers and adoption of one of the 5 transition plans but there was much to do before the next meeting. V.P. Don Gist felt that it was imperative to meet with the city council and give them a progress report on Cheryl Good's mediation accomplishments and everybody agreed at the 10-29-12 special board meeting with Cheryl Good & team meeting minutes, that we need to address as a group, program managers and board members to the Mayor and city council that the group was making lots of good progress. An earlier attempt to go before the council 10-8-12 to discuss the Gleaner issue concerning Sharon Thornberry's involvement was postponed by the city to 10-22-12 PCS meeting request 10-8-12 & Randy Kugler's Reply "no meeting", as mentioned above. That didn't happen either because of the special PCS program managers meeting 10-29-12. A letter was sent to the city 11-6-12 requesting to be put on the next council agenda for Tuesday nights 11-13-12 meeting. Don, Debbie and Rollie would work up a draft of the letter and get Cheryl's approval before we presented it at the Tuesday night meeting 11-13-12. Then Don Gist sends 11-5-12 email discussing how important that our meeting with the city is, and shares with them all the progress that we've made to get everybody back on our mission statement "People Helping People", and above all thank them for their assistance to PCS over the years.

The next day 11-6-12 the fundraising letter scheduled to go out in the mail hit the fan. The managers wanted to sign the letter, Cheryl and the board thought it was a great idea and congratulated Marti for arranging that, then they changed their mind and they wouldn't sign the letter if the board members and president names were on it or if Jeff Lamb signed it as president. There were 12 - 14 changes in the fundraising letter, Tammy at Franklin Press told Jeff if PCS couldn't resolve whatever the manager issues were, PCS would have to find somebody else to print and mail. The board decided the letter had to go out even if they wouldn't sign it. This whole issue had become ridiculous, this letter was PCS's main source of annual funds. NOTE: Marti got an earfull from the managers and informed Jeff she would no longer be involved in fundraising issues.

With the annual elections coming up on 11-19-12 agenda, PCS prepared to meet with the city council, PCS meeting letter 11-13-12, stressing the progress made with the program managers and giving an update on the mediation by Cheryl Good & Assoc. Cheryl and her team had assured the board that Sarah and the program managers would support the mediation and the transition plan with Marti becoming President and Jeff as past President. Marti had agreed to share with the council the Board Development Transition Plan that everybody had been working on, so the board was very disappointed when Marti didn't attend the meeting.  NOTE: NOT KNOWN AT THE TIME:  Sara Power 11-10-12 Randy Kugler, Mayor Schaudt, Police Chief Ken Elwer & other City Officials & Staff 11-13-12 were conspiring to sabotage the upcoming PCS Tuesday night council meeting. The board members were meeting with the mediators and preparing to brief the mayor and council on the progress and results accomplished by the Board Development Process. Cheryl Good & Assoc. appointed Dr. Marcia Shaw to represent the mediation group and illustrate the transition plan and progress made. Jeff and the board had no idea of what was coming. The council was to interrogate Jeff Lamb like a hostile witness and publicly revealed the 11-2-12 DOJ investigation with many questions concerning the various allegations, which up to that point hadn't been public knowledge. NOTE: Sharon Thornberry and Sara Power supplied a list of talking points and questions to the mayor and city manager as revealed in this link Sara Power 11-10-12 and City Officials & Staff 11-13-12 This then became the source for another news story in the Gazette-Times where all of the previous false allegations could be again made public which had been mentioned as part of the strategy in earlier emails "IN RED". During the meeting 5 board members and Dr. Shaw spoke with positive input on the PCS programs for more than an hour. Many questions were asked by the mayor, and individual council members. Then several program managers spoke and repeated the same allegations that had been made prior to the mediation sessions and process. You can go to the City of Philomath's website to listen to the audio recording and read the 11-13-12 minutes from that meeting.

They appeared to have never accepted the many transition plans that had been discussed. The unknown correspondence between Sarah Power and Randy Kugler was to align all of the council and city personnel, including the Chief of Police, Public Works Director and City Attorney against the PCS Board members who were to speak at the meeting.  Deborah Williams added that several of the volunteers were in fear of Mr. Lamb, and if his truck was parked at the facility they would not come in. The Mayor, during the program manager's comments, complimented the program directors repeatedly on their bravery and courage to speak out on Jeff Lamb’s behavior and threats. The Mayor even sent Deborah Williams an email 12-15-12 in reply to Mrs. Williams email thanking the mayor 11-16-12 for showing leadership. NOTE: Cheryl Good had informed the board that in all of their interviews with program managers that nobody raised any issues of fear for their safety, so this issue was a big surprise for Dr. Shaw and the PCS board members. J.R.L.

After the meeting with the council Jeff sent Cheryl Good an email on the disaster the council meeting turned out to be. The board came to believe that the reason Dr. Marcia Shaw was no longer involved as part of Cheryl Good & Associates team was because of the behavior of the program managers at the council meeting.

PCS was to lose another great asset and supporter, former PCS board president Neal Munson. On 11-15-12 Neal Munson resigned from the board, threats to boycott his business Applegate Automotive didn't help either.


NOTE: Sunday 11-18-12 Cheryl Good met with Jeff Lamb, Marti Barlow, Don Gist and Debbie Thorpe, PCS's 3 executive officers. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the agreement reached on PCS's transition plan. Jeff Lamb would step down on or before 7-1-13, Marti Barlow as Vice President would become President at that time. Jeff would become past President with no voting rights, he would serve only as an advisor. Debbie Thorpe would move from secretary to Vice President when Marti became President. Don Gist and Rollie Bowers would not run for re-election. 4 or 5 new applicants would be considered for the board. The agenda was presented in draft form. J.R.L.  

11-19-12 Agenda/Transition Plan & Elections/Action

On 11-19 12 our annual election meeting to be held at 5:00 pm at PCS. Cheryl Good's email 11-19-12 to Don Gist and Jeff Lamb discussing her and her team facilitating the meeting and how much she appreciated our support for the transition plan. Cheryl's closing comments were somewhat puzzling considering the program manager's disgusting behavior at the 11-13-12 council meeting. "Good news! Sara has agreed to contact all PM's and support you for President with Marti Pres-elect and her taking over mid-term".

NOTE: 3 seperate events were to take place on 11-19-12 that would guaranty the failure of the transition plans, board development plan, election of executive officers and board members. It would also guaranty the removal of Jeff Lamb, Debbie Thorpe and the rest of PCS's board. 

(1) Philomath area was subjected to a torrential rain storm and the meeting had to be cancled.(2) Sara Power contacted the Philomath Police Department and stated "there was a meeting today at 5:00 pm and she believes that Jeff Lamb is losing touch with reality and might be dangerous".(3) Sara Power emailed Kirk Harvey @ the D.O.J., Marti Barlow and Randy Kugler. Randy then forwarded this email to the mayor and city council.

The PCS board decided to postpone the 11-19-12 meeting due to bad weather. The board was extremely disappointed and blindsided by the program manager's behavior at the 11-13-12 council meeting. Cheryl was also very concerned about the damage that had been done at the meeting as Jeff made her aware of in his email to her 11-23-12. "Sara's agreements and her word are totally worthless". 11-27-12 Don Gist email to Cheryl. Don Gist had put Cheryl on notice that if Sara did not apologize for her behavior at the 11-13-12 council meeting he was going to make a motion to remove her as a program manager. "She will need to appologize to the board or in some way offer to repair the damage of her comments, and her actions, during this past three months".


SARA POWER'S 11-19-12 EMAIL TO D.O.J.'S KIRK HARVEY, MARTI BARLOW & RANDY KUGLER SHOWS HOW DEEP THIS DIGUSTING BETRAYAL WENT. THIS EMAIL WAS THEN PASSED ON TO MAYOR SCHAUDT & CITY COUNCIL. "Several of us program managers discussed the possibility of postponing the meeting/elections until January. This will assure that Jeff Lamb and his wife Debbie Thorpe will not be re-elected. If you call the Philomath city manager, or the Philomath police chief, they may be able to help return documents to the office of PCS. Could we setup a new P.O. Box and it could be collected by Marti Barlow. I hope that you will hear from Marti Barlow about the threat that Jeff has made to her that she could be the new president only if she agreed to allow him to be President for 6 more months".

Cheryl Good's email 11-19-12 "At tonight's meeting it would be a powerful opportunity for you to show again your desire to move forward. You have been such a strong supporter of the process of working with my team, it would also show how you are willing to do whatever is necessary for the sake of PCS". "FYI - Good news! Sara has agreed to contact all PM's and support you for President with Marti Pres-elect and her taking over mid-term".


The board decided to hold elections after (Jeff's notification email 11-27-12) the scheduled open house 12-2-12 at the PCS site. The board would then take action on the 12-2-12 meeting agenda items. Cheryl Good had created a transition plan where Jeff would be re-elected president and step down on or before July 1, 2013. Marti would be elected VP and assume the office of president when Jeff Lamb retired as president. Jeff would stay on the board as past president but with no voting rights. Debbie Thorpe would be elected second VP and assume that role when Marti took over as president. The board development team felt that the transition plan needed some past board members for continuity and institutional memory. Jeff's extensive history and contacts both in the community and state wide was felt to be valuable to the new PCS board. Cheryl was very concerned about the damage that had been done at the 11-13-12 city council meeting that Jeff made her aware of in his email to her 11-23-12. As you can see from Cheryl's reply 11-23-12 many good things were happening but some people were having a hard time keeping their word. Don Gist had put Cheryl on notice that if Sara did not apologize for her behavior at the 11-13-12 council meeting he was going to make a motion to remove her as a program manager in his 11-27-12 email to Cheryl. NOTE: Sara had told Cheryl that the program managers didn't trust Jeff to keep his word on the transition plan agreement. Don and Jeff informed Cheryl that they would meet with Bennett Hall and tell the newspaper about the progress made and publicly state that Jeff would be leaving PCS on or before 7-1-13. Marti would be President-elect on or before 7-1-13 and this would force Jeff to keep his word. 12-1-12 "Lamb plans to leave PCS board" The story repeats many of the false allegations of abuse and financial impropriety briefly discussing the transition plan but publicizes the fact that the D.O.J. has opened an investigation into these allegations. Kirk Harvey, chief investigator for the D.O.J. makes several comments for the story and the newspaper saying "it's an ongoing investigation" leading the public to believe all the lies and character assassination. Don and Jeff thought this would quiet things down and allow PCS to get back to work. How ironic that the Gazette-Times chose to run the story the day before the meeting. Unfortunately additional public records show differently. Emails between the city manager and Chief of Police 11-28-12 and 11-29-12 throw more fuel on the fire, with the city manager emailing the entire city of Philomath elected officials and all department heads "Jeff will ask all Board Members and Managers to take a "loyalty pledge" to him". PPD Ken Elwer notifies all of his officers of the upcoming board meeting "Some of the females, employees/volunteers have some real concerns".


12-2-12 meeting agenda Meeting minutes part 1 & Meeting minutes part 2 & Meeting minutes part 3. Marti Barlow got a copy of Don Gist's 11-27-12 Don's email to Cheryl Good"Sara will need to apologize to the board or in some way offer to repair the damage of her comments, and her actions, during the past three months. If she does not I will be asking for her to be removed from her position as program manager". The board meeting was a setup, when Don Gist tried to inform Mayor Schaudt & Mayor-elect Rocky Sloan (who were both there at Marti's request), that the program managers had repeated the same old false allegations at the 11-13-12 city council meeting Leota Hutsell exploded and started shouting at Don and she got up and left, see Don's 12-4-12 email to Cheryl in reference to the animosity. Then Chris Shonnard stood up and unloaded on Don Gist and then he left the meeting. This was too much for Don to take and he resigned as VP. Jeff told him he didn't think they could finish the business at hand unless he would stay through the meeting, but he had been hurt too badly and left the building. NOTE: Sara and the program managers hatefull behavior left some of us in tears, including Don as he walked out. If you want to hear and judge for yourself, this is the link to the audio of the meeting. PCS Board Minutes - AUDIO recording of Board meeting - 12-2-12.mp3 As president Jeff's task was to implement the transition plan that Cheryl Good and the board and staff had been working on for the past 3 months and we needed Don's help to finish that task. Debbie, Rollie Bowers and Jeff asked Don Gist to reconsider his resignation and help finish the transition plan. Don agreed and shared his thoughts 12-5-12 email and Jeff informed Citizens Bank 12-14-12 that Don's name as VP of PCS should remain as a valid signature until after the 1-21-13 elections. Marti went forward with the 12-18-12 special PCS meeting and appointed Cheryl Good to run the meeting against the president and bylaws rules anyway. Jeff sent Cheryl an email 12-26-12 in an effort to get a copy of the minutes and raise some other vender issues dealing with her professional responsibilities.

The board had asked Cheryl to be at the meeting or have a representative, for some reason that didn't happen. Jeff sent Cheryl the bad news late the same night 12-2-12 about Sara's phone call to who he suspected was Sharon Thornberry and it became crystal clear that Marti had crossed over and was helping to carry out Sharon Thornberry and the city of Philomath's agenda, which was made clear in Sara's 11-19-12 email to DOJ Kirk Harvey, Marti Barlow, Randy Kugler, Ken Schaudt & Rocky Sloan that they wanted to postpone elections until January 2013. When Bennett Hall from the Gazette-Times called to talk to Jeff about the elections he told him that Marti made a motion and it passed to postpone the elections until the next board meeting January 19, 2013. They had ganged up on Don and the meeting was extremely confrontational, Jeff also told Bennett that he might be leaving PCS before the 1st of July 2013 which was part of the transition plan. He also talked to Don Gist who had been very badly treated at the board meeting leading to his leaving the meeting. Marti also broke her word that the transition plan would include Jeff Lamb and Debbie Thorpe with the election of officers. NOTE: Cheryl Good & Associates Transition Plan #5.1 12-10-12 replaced Plan #4 to be adopted at the 12-2-12 board meeting. Sara Power 11-19-12 email to DOJ Kirk Harvey & Marti Barlow reveals not only Sara's betrayal of the process, but also Marti Barlow and implicates city officials. "THE TRANSITION PLANS AND ELECTIONS WERE SABOTAGED" The G-T's front page cover PCS delays officer elections G-T 12-5-12 added more fuel to the fire. A few days later Marti wanted Jeff to schedule a board meeting saying that Scott Ramsey, Gabriel Mahoney and herself were authorized to call a meeting according to the Bylaws. Jeff reminded her that she had argued to postpone the elections until January 2013. Marti knew that Rollie Bowers was out of the state until January 5, 2013 and that Don had resigned at the 12-2-12 meeting. Debbie reminded everybody that it was the holidays and neither she, Rollie or Jeff could make the scheduled board meeting on 12-18-12 Marti's surprise board meeting & Marti's email. Jeff sent the Gazette-Times management 12-21-12 an email calling into question the legality of Marti's going ahead with the meeting, when the bylaws clearly state that the president is in charge of meetings unless he appoints someone else to run the meeting.

Jeff Lamb's 12-31-12 email to Cheryl Good that he's history

The damage and toll on Jeff and his family had finally gotten to the both of them, so he wrote the following "As I See It" to the Gazette-Times. Jeff did not resign! The transition plan never happened and promises made were worthless:

"Let’s let PCS continue its work for the community" As I see it by Jeff Lamb 1-3-13 Gazette-Times

When Marti took over PCS's board of directors 1-2-13 she emailed PCS's webmaster Mike Fay requesting codes and passwords for PCS's website. When Mr. fay requested that Marti get a letter from the board and authorized to have that information, Marti Barlow replied to Mike that if he did not give her the passwords and access to the website immediately he would be threatened with a lawsuit 1-3-12. Marti Barlow removed PCS's website and by doing so PCS's entire institutional memory had been destroyed along with any mention of the countless people that worked for decades to build that institution. PCS has changed all of it's signage and logo's, letterhead, it's removed from the awning "Philomath Community Services", it's spent thousands of dollars changing all of the doors and locks and codes. PCS has removed 2 memorials of past Gleaner managers from the front of the building, John Hardy and Paul Kesseker, "When we honor those that serve our country or our community we should keep that promise". The PCS board wanted to honor these 2 volunteers that gave service to their community right up until their passing, "you might say they died with their boots on". Countless individuals and organizations that have spent over 30 years to make PCS one of a kind in its community service with the 5 different programs they offer. The records and memory have been removed. Instead of being proud of PCS's history the new board under Marti Barlow's leadership has dishonored all of these wonderful individuals whose contributions and sacrifices made PCS. To quote Sara Power's phone conversation comments from 12-2-12 "she had Marti in her pocket and after January gets here they'll be able to hose everybody. We'll be running the place from now on".

Marti called an executive meeting for 1-7-13 to discuss the request that Jeff Lamb return PCS property appointing Tina Thurman to that task. The committee also discussed safety concerns regarding Jeff Lamb's alleged threats. Jeff Lamb's 1-8-13 letter to Marti Barlow and the PCS board was signed by Secretary Tina Thurman. The full PCS board met 1-21-13 at Philomath city hall to discuss several issues, among them was the treasurers report with a statement from Michele Kellison "that the finances at this time look good and that there is no evidence of malfeasance". The 1-21-13 minutes also mention that Jeff Lamb had not yet relinquished PCS documents and Marti knows that is a false statement. All PCS property was delivered to Marti Barlow and signed for in the 1-8-13 property letter. Also it was stated that Marti had a conversation with Jeff Lamb and his wife Debbie Thorpe that they both agreed that their terms were over 12-31-12, neither one of them ever had that conversation with her.


July 25, 2013 letter to the management at the Gazette-Times exposing the city's involvement in the PCS public meltdown




This link will take you to PCS Agendas & Minutes 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, Bylaws, Executive Session meetings, City of Philomath documents obtained through the "Oregon Open Records Statutes" and other pertinent information concerning PCS's public meltdown and the city of Philomath's involvement.

This information is being made public and available for the Philomath Mayor, city council, city staff and the community of Philomath to help shed light on the city's involvement and leadership in removing the board of directors of PCS in the fall of 2012.

What the public read in the 12 Gazette-Times articles from 10-4-12 to 1-17-13, was a product of a well thought out and executed conspiracy of deliberate disinformation between some PCS members, an Oregon Food Bank employee and city of Philomath personnel, both elected officials and staff members. Read in their own words their plan to use the press and the Department of Justice to carry out their conspiracy. J.R.L.


NOTE: Under Visitors/Petitions 6.1 in the 2-9-15 Philomath city council minutes Jeff Lamb's testimony is stated "Mr. Lamb read a statement regarding issues with Philomath Community Services 2 years ago. He requested that the city council review the documents submitted with and referenced in the statement and requested the council discuss the documents". (Supplemental Agenda Item #6.1)