City of Philomath

400 Applegate St

Philomath, OR 97370


Open letter to the City of Philomath & Community,                                                              February 9, 2015


Mayor Rocky Sloan, City Councilors, citizens of Philomath and the greater community at large.  I would like to read this statement and enter it and these documents into the official City of Philomath public records.  Some of these documents were obtained through the Oregon open records statutes and we believe the full council and other city officials have never seen many of them before, concerning the embarrassment brought upon our community in the past couple of years.  The very political and public airing of internal Philomath Community Services matters caused tremendous damage to Philomath’s image and to PCS’s reputation.

The process developed by Philomath elected officials and staff in conjunction with an Oregon Food Bank employee and a few others to replace the President and the board of PCS has divided our community and needs to be addressed.

We have put together a timeline and sequence of events that led to this manufactured crisis.  This is comprised of internal PCS documents that were of executive nature and privileged by law, emails concerning Linn-Benton Food Share, an employee of the Oregon Food Bank and officials past and present of the city of Philomath and their involvement in publicizing and politicizing information that they had no firsthand knowledge of.  In an attempt to pursue personal agendas while ignoring the greater good of our community, great damage has been done to PCS.  We would like you to review the document signed by 6 past board members collectively serving over 100 years in the development of the organization dated 7-25-13 covering these issues.

In September 2014 an effort by the “Celebrate Philomath Volunteers” committee hosted a barbeque to publicly acknowledge and honor all of our community’s volunteers. Go to the volunteer’s webpage .  The CPV chairperson Jean Nelson met with the City Council and City Manager on several occasions and had verbal commitments from the City to promote, help finance and participate in the event. Celebrate Philomath Volunteers request for city participation.  Verbal communications later indicated that the City would not participate due to previous issues with some of the CPV committee members.

We are here tonight to ask for your help in bringing our community back together through your leadership.  Things have been said and done in the City’s name that you and the citizens of Philomath have no knowledge of.  We are not asking that you take any action tonight.  We are asking that you take the time to review the enclosed documents and discuss them as our elected community leaders.  Once you have had an opportunity to review the information provided to the City, we are confident that you will do the right thing.

Thank you for your consideration in advance.

Please set the record straight and bring our community back together.

Former PCS board members, volunteers and donors.