Jeff worked with Pat Peach in the spring of 1997 and was one of the original founders of the Mary's River Rod Run. The first Rod Run was held at the Frolic and Rodeo grounds and presented several challenges for the show. The following year it was moved to Applegate Street between 9th & 11th streets and was a location that was much better suited for the car show. See photos below.


As mentioned above the second Rod Run was held on Applegate Street between 9th & 11th Street in front of the new Library. You can see from the photographs that this site worked much better for the chamber, public and presentation, also Jeff was hosting a Saturday night dinner and dance at Auto Cars Unlimited at 10th & Main. The Rod Run was held here for several years until it was moved to the city park by the high school which is where it is currently held. 2014 was it's 17th year and the car show has turned into one of Philomath's main annual events and is looked forward too every year.  1998_marys_river_rod_run_445x716.jpg




The chamber and car committee wanted to have a 2 day event with a dinner and dance being held Saturday night for the staff, judges and entrants. Registration and judging would take place on Sunday. This worked very well and the car owners appreciated the extra effort the chamber put into the event which was held at Auto Cars Unlimited. See photos below of the dance and dinner plus photos of the show and awards Sunday afternoon.








As you can see the Saturday night dance was a lot of fun and well attended and very relaxing. The following day was down to business with the judging and awards. The competition and quality of the cars was outstanding and everybody enjoyed Elvis and Hellen Moore presenting trophy's to all the winners.



Marys_river_rod_run_pics_1_527x356.jpgMarys_river_rod_run_pics_2_528x357.jpgMarys_river_rod_run_pics_3_528x359.jpg Marys_river_rod_run_pics_4_468x318.jpg



The 18th annual Philomath Classic Car Show is coming up and you might want to check out the link below for registration and participation information.

Philomath Chamber Classic Car Show Link