As past president of the Philomath Community Services Jeff was instrumental in PCS's growth into an umbrella organization supporting five local nonprofit ventures in Philomath. The largest is the Food Bank;  the others are the Kids' Kloset clothing program, the Philomath Gleaners, the Holiday Cheer Christmas charity and the Community Garden.  Jeff was involved with PCS, in one form or another, for over 30 years.  He was the fundraising chairman for the new PCS facility built in 2001.  He has held every position in the organization at one time or another.

The PCS of today is still evolving and growing and gets its genesis from Nancy Flegal who was the founder of the Philomath Food Bank in the mid 1970's.  Jeff served on the board of directors for the Food Bank and the Baby Bank during the 1980's prior to those organizations being listed under Philomath Community Services 501-C-3 status.  PCS was incorporated in the State of Oregon in 1991.

Prior to getting its permanent home in 2001 the Philomath Food Bank and Baby Bank had resided behind the Philomath Fire Department, the Philomath City Public Works yard, the Rotary Club, College United Methodist Church, Family Outlet 19th Street and Jeff Lamb's Auto Cars Unlimited.


Above is Nancy Flagel (Food Bank founder) and Jeff Lamb sharing a very special moment. Jeff worked with Philomath Mayor Jack Kempees to have Governor Neil Goldschmidt recognize and honor Nancy with a special award from the governor, this was presented to her at a community wide gathering.


In the fall of 1999 PCS's board of directors was informed by the Philomath Fire Department that the Food and Baby Banks would have to find a new home for their programs. The Fire Department had allowed two mobile homes on their property behind the fire department on Main Street for several years at no cost. The fire department had developed plans to use that property and gave PCS notice that they'd like them to find a new home within the next calendar year.

Jeff Lamb was asked to chair a capital campaign fundraising committee and return to the PCS board as Vice President. The proclamation below December 13, 1999 signed by Mayor Van Hunsaker who was working with the fundraising committee was part of the PR program to reach out to the community and business leaders for assistance in acquiring a permanent new home for PCS and its various programs assisting our communities families and children in need.



As the community grew so did the needs of the Philomath Fire Department and PCS was asked to find a new home. Jeff Lamb was asked to put together a capital fundraising program for a new home for PCS.


Six months of planning went into the fundraiser to be held at Morgan Manor 7-22-00 




As you can see from the photos above and below the Morgan Manor fundraiser was a huge success.



With the infusion of a donated piece of property from Doyle and Harriet Hughes, the money from the Morgan Manor fundraiser and support from the community and the governor site prep was under way.



The photo below is the groundbreaking for Philomath Community Services new facility July 2000. From left Jeff Lamb, Harriett Hughes, Doyle Hughes & Grandson, Sharron Thornberry and City Manager Rangy Kugler. This was a very special day for all. Doyle and his Grandson had a blast with the bulldozer.


The site prep and construction of the building took place in the spring of 2001.


These photos show the shell of PCS's new 50'x100' building going up after successful fundraising events held at Morgan Manor July 22, 2000. The shell of the building was up by the summer of 2001.




Philomath Community Services moves to it's new home at 360 South 9th Street.


This posting, "People Helping People" from October 22, 2008 is but a sample of the numerous improvements that have taken place in the past few years. From left to right; Don Gist, Debbie Thorpe, Rollie Bowers, Terry Osborne, Peggy Clark, John & Mary Beth Hardy, Bardon & Lupe Maginnis, Dot Richardson, Sara Powers and Jeff Lamb.

A link to view additional improvements will be posted soon.  LINK...









PCS's annual "Warm Bread for Warm Hearts" that in 2011 was in it's 29th year was cancelled by the new powers to be at PCS for 2012.



Some Happy memories from PCS's past


Baby Bank's new home is a double wide mobile home donated by Starker Forrest Products to be located behind the Philomath fire Department. The photo above shows some of the building requirements that had to be completed and some of the people that helped Don and June Anderson get ready for the September 19, 1992 grand opening. The Philomath Food Bank was also located behind the Fire Station.


Public acknowledgement in the Gazette-Times of supporters and participants.



To read the full story of Senator Wydens praise for PCS and the work they do go to the G-T link below.

Gazette-Times 8-27-2012 story on Sen. Ron Wyden Praising Philomath and PCS

After his more than 30 years of service Jeff was asked to turn in his keys, PCS property and leave the building and not come back. You can read his Gazette-Times editorial "As I See It" at the link below this letter.


 NOTE: For more on Jeff's forced departure and his 1-3-13 GT "As I See It"  go to this link. PCS Agenda's, Minutes & Board Actions of last 4 years also posted with other related correspondence from the DOJ.