Through 1997 and 1998 the new Philomath Civic Center project was well on its way to completion. With the number of complaints and citations for skateboarding in the supermarket parking lot, streets and sidewalks the community's business leaders, school and city officials all agreed that some form of action needed to take place. There had been talk for years why the city did not build a skateboard park for our community's youth. Answer to these kinds of questions always come back to money, where are the funds going to come from and who's going to pay for the maintenance.

Brainstorming meetings were held and a plan to address these issues was formed. With the help of the city council, community service clubs, school officials and the public a parks master plan started to take shape. A citizen’s park survey was distributed throughout the community asking the community what they would like to see in "Philomath's Parks Master Plan". A skateboard park facility scored high on the survey's list. Under the leadership of Barb Holton chairperson of Philomath Parks Master plan Committee and with input and support from the many stakeholders Measure # 02-66 was drafted by the "Friends of the Park" and presented to the citizens as a 10 year funding levy to not only create a skateboard park but to also fund other ongoing park maintenance needs. The measure passed overwhelmingly and work immediately began on Philomath's Skateboard Park Project. NOTE: To read Measure No. 02-66 voters pamphlet text go to this link








As the park master plan was accepted and approved by the city council, some of the committee member’s disagreed with Mayor Van Hunsaker on not going forward with a funding measure for the parks. An organization was established called "The Friends of the Park" to help gain financial and political support to help pass Measure #02-66. The election was held November 1998 and passed with overwhelming public support.

The passage of the levy was instrumental in moving the Skateboard Park project forward. Tim Byram was very helpful in lining up help from the youth and the schools in fundraising, public relations and design. He was an outstanding advocate and instrumental in bringing the skateboard park to a reality. J.R.L.



The above flier and editorials were used in the newspapers, distributed by hand and posted throughout the community and was effective.