Our community was greatly affected with the loss of one of Philomath's finest, Army Ranger Specialist "Cody James Patterson" in October of 2013 while serving his country in Afghanistan. The motorcade escorting Cody's body home from the Corvallis airport by the Patriot Guard, Philomath police department, Benton County sheriffs and State police was a sight to behold. The memorial service held at OSU's Lassalle Stuart Center was standing room only, 1600 - 1800 people filled the center while another 2000 - 2500 stood outside. Cody's history at Philomath High School and in the community drew local and national news media coverage. Cody's father Randy Patterson with the help of the community raised the necessary funds, (over $10,000) to establish the "Cody James Patterson Scholarship Fund" handled by the Philomath Community Foundation. Cody's death also served as the catalyst to bring the community together on a topic of a "Philomath Community Veterans Memorial" which has been talked about on and off over the past 50 years. A group of civic leaders and citizens formed a "Veterans Memorial Committee" to discuss the feasibility of this concept. The Philomath school board passed a resolution #1314-02 January 21, 2014 of support for a veteran’s memorial project. See resolution #1314-02 below. On January 21, 2014 the Philomath Community Foundation agreed to be the 501 C-3 non-profit organization to be the fiscal agent for this project. The account for this project was opened with a $1000 donation to PCF, see donation acknowledgement below. The memorial committee has also reached out to some potential donors and service clubs, the Lions Club has also endorsed their support for this project. A "draft" plan was presented to the Benton County Historical Museum March 28, 2014 for their review and research. The museum formed a subcommittee in April to consider the proposal and possible feasibility of the memorial. That draft is also below.