With the library ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication taking place in June of 1995, Philomath 2000 board of directors passed a resolution to begin the next phase of the civic center concept laid out in Eugene architect Gary Moye's original site plan on record with the city of Philomath to build a senior and activities center. Philomath 2000 conducted a city wide survey asking the citizens for their input on a new center. The board and city council wanted to use the same process used in the library project. Funding was to come from community development grants, corporate contributions, material contributions, fundraising events and donated labor, the city already owned the property and had agreed this would be a city facility. With the success and completion of the library, many of the same businesses, service clubs, organizations and community members had pledged support and money for the center somewhere between $150,000 to $175,000 in money and materials. The project was budgeted at approximately $400,000 for a 5000 square foot facility.

Below you will see Eugene architect Gary Moye's original conceptual plan for Philomath's new Civic Center which included the Police Station, City Hall, a Senior & Activities Center and Library.



NOTE:With the city council under Mayor Cheryl McMorris and city manager Hal Million publicly sabotaging the community center project the business community, service clubs, donors and the community at large now doubted the future of the community center project. The agreement with the council under Mayor Van Hunsaker on how the civic center property would be used and that the community center would be sited next to the library had evidently now been voided.




NOTE: City manager Hal Million's open animosity for Philomath 2000's president Jeff Lamb over Library Project politics had created a situation where the city's appointed representative on the Philomath 2000 board, city councilor Marv Durham felt compelled to tenure his resignation over the city's news release killing the community center project. Furthermore, Mr. Lamb felt that if he resigned as president of Philomath 2000 that possibly fences could be mended and the community center project could move forward without the obvious personality issues.