Jeff had known Ken and Leslie Engle from their involvement with Philomath 2000 project and chamber of commerce business and events. Leslie had also served as a board member of Philomath Community Foundation and Chamber of Commerce. As Philomath was well along with the civic center accomplishments discussions and brainstorming were taking place on how they could make Philomath a destination venue. This led to bringing a Renaissance Faire to our growing community. With encouragement and pledges of support from the Chamber, Philomath 2000 Project, City of Philomath and various other organizations and business leaders plans were made to hold the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire at the Philomath Rodeo grounds in September of 1996.



 The Gazette-Times had agreed to be a co-sponsor of the event and gave us great lead in coverage as well as covering the actual event. The Shrewsbury was birthed and would become one of the annual major events held in Philomath.


When the press, guild members, booth venders and everybody else that's involved in an event that's never been held yet wants a "Site Map" and you don't have one this is what you come up with and tell everybody it's a work in progress. The one, the only, very first Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire Site Plan.



Jeff and his future wife Debbie Thorpe stayed involved with the faire for many years. Debbie was in charge of the "Guild Buttery" which would supply guild member’s food and drink during the weekend events that would later be moved to Kings Valley. With the passing of Ken Engle the faire and the community took a big hit. Next year 2016 will be the Shrewsbury's 20th anniversary.